Tamara Collins, involved with the Arabian horse industry for over 16 years. It all started at the age of 10 when she was given her first Arabian horse.

“I remember that day as if it were yesterday. My mom had signed me up for a riding lesson and before the lesson was over the trainer had approached my mother and insisted I had a natural ability. A week later I showed up to my second riding lesson and unknowingly my mother guided me to my lesson horse’s stall. As I got closer to the stall door, I realized there was a surprise in store for me. A small sign read ‘Welcome home Misty. We love you Tammy!’ At that same moment a beautiful grey Arabian mare peeked her head over the stall door. I cannot describe the love I felt in that moment, I can only keep it alive by sharing that love with my students and their horses.”

– Trainer/EA Owner, Tamara Collins

Tamara has dedicated her life to the Arabian horse industry as a competitor, trainer and mentor to young riders. She earned a B.S. degree from the University of Davis in Equine Reproduction and Physiology and is worked along side some of the finest Arabian trainers/breeders in the equestrian industry.  Trainers such as Brett and Marjie Becker, Ryan and Ricardo Rivero, Lucy Whitter, Tony and Claudette Vincent, Todd Hickerson , Ray LaCroix and Dean and Sherry Lacey.  Tamara holds her CHA Level 3 certification in Western, English and Horse Management.


Earthquake Arabians is blessed with the opportunity to stable within SonCor Farms. SonCor Farms rests on 8 acres of beautifully groomed pastures, complete with turn-out arena, round-pen and over 25 stalls available with or without paddocks. SonCor also has a huge, brightly lit cover arena for year round training/riding/lessons.