To Train, is to Teach.

At Earthquake Arabians we pride ourself on turning out polish well trained show horses. We have been continually successful with both youth and adult amateurs at the regional and national level. Our training horses all receive first class attention in our barn, we hire only the best grooms to care for them around the clock. Our barn is commonly referred to as the “Horse Hilton” and that’s exactly what it is, the facility is kept  immaculate and so are the horses.

If showing is not your goal, many are unaware that we train all breeds and many disciplines. We start horses from the beginning and can give any horses a great start to their riding career. Our main goal is to make every horse safe for their owner to work around and ride. We do not take this position lightly, horses are very large animals and can hurt us unintentionally very easily. With the proper care and training we can take even the wildest horses and make them amateur friendly.

If joining our show team is your goal, we can help you achieve that as well. We have many options to lease or own horses within the barn to take you to the top. If we don’t have something in house to offer, our connections with the arabian world help us find the most suitable horse for every client. We want every client to be able to achieve their personal showing goals and having the right horse gets you half way their. Let us find you the perfect one, to take you where you want to go!

Success is a frame of mind – a mental posture – an immutable conviction – and unalterable determination.

Circumstances have nothing to do with success. When you have made up your mind, success is certain. But, if you only half make up your mind, you will never get anywhere.

You have to know you can succeed, and be determined to succeed. You must keep your mind on the objective, not  the obstacles.

~William Randolph Hearst

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